More Roadworks on their way

Traffic congestion in the Prestwich area has seemed pretty bad recently, probably due to the roadworks through the village, and people finding ways to avoid them.

Two more sets of roadworks start soon. We have already asked the Council’s Director to reconsider what can be done here, and why ALL THREE sets of roadworks have to happen at the same time. No reply yet…

Highways England – A56 Bury New Road/Junction 17 – Bridge maintenance works
Bridge maintenance works, due to take place on the A56 Bury New Road at the M60 Junction 17 roundabout. The works will include replacement of road markings, anti-skid renewal and surfacing.

Works are due to start on or shortly after 31 July 2017 for approximately five weeks.This will take place in a number of phases between the hours of 22:00 and 05:00, up to seven days a week

In order to facilitate and carry out the works safely, either temporary lane closures or total closures to sections of the roundabout will be in place during the dates and times stated above. Associated slip road closures will also be required and localised signed diversion route will be in place.

Bury Old Road – Gas Works – Major
Location: Outside Islamic Centre (near Woodthorpe)
Dates: 24/07/2017 – 18/08/2017
Cadent Gas Limited

Funding Coop Local Community Fund

From helping homeless people to refurbishing playgrounds and providing life saving equipment, Coop Local Community Fund provides funding for thousands of local causes

If you’re part of a local cause or know one that would benefit from funding
Apply now at (deadline 8 August)

To apply to be a Co-op cause you must have a project or event in mind that:
* takes place in the UK or Isle of Man
* doesn’t have religious or political aims (although you can still apply if you’re a religious organisation)
* meets the Co-op’s values
* takes place or will still be running after October 2018
* benefits your local community

Preference to projects run by small, local organisations. You can’t use money from the fund solely to pay for staff salaries or general running costs, or to make a donation to another organisation.

Have Fun in the Funimals Reading Challenge

Children are invited to sign up to the Funimals Reading Challenge at their local library.

It’s easy and free to take part – simply register in the library, pick up your collector’s card and start reading and collecting stamps.

Youngsters must read six books and collect one stamp per book on their collector’s card for a chance to enter a prize draw to win an Amazon Fire tablet or book tokens.

The challenge will take place during the summer holidays up until Friday 9 September, with the prize draw winners notified shortly afterwards.

Council Proposes 25 year Lease on Football Pitches

Bury Council is proposing a 25 year lease on the St Joseph’s Fields area off Sandgate Road to Prestwich Marauders Football Club. A similar lease is being proposed for the Clifton Road football pitch.

The two sites are currently ‘self-managed’ by Marauders. What is proposed is a 25 year lease which will allow the club to attract external funding to improve the site for football at grass roots level.

There is not going to be a loss open space, the agreement put in place will in fact protect this valuable asset and allow the club to manage it better for all of the local community.

As part of our legal obligation in entering such an arrangement, the council has served notices in the local paper to advertise loss of open space

Prestwich Marauders football club which runs teams and training for children aged 5 – 16 (more information on their website here).

Please can you get in touch if you have queries about this, or would like us to raise issues with the Council department.

This is the formal newspaper advert:

Pursuant to section 123 (2A) of the Local Government Act 1972, The Metropolitan Borough of Bury hereby gives notice of its intention to dispose of Land at Clifton Street Prestwich being approximately 13,227sq m and Land at Sandgate Road Prestwich being approximately 47,900sq m . A copy of the plans showing the position of the land in question are available for inspection at the Town Hall, Knowsley Street, Bury, BL9 0SW.

This is a formal notice given insofar as the above described parcels of land consists or forms part of an open space for the purposes of section 123 (2A) of the Local Government Act 1972.

Further information or objections regarding the above should be made in writing and addressed to Parks and Countryside at Town Hall, Knowsley Street, Bury, BL9 0SW or by email to to be received by no later than 4 August 2017.

Police statement following Metrolink Crimes

Statement from Inspector Derek Quinn following concerns about crime a Prestwich Metrolink stations:
“We have noted there is a perception that the area has been subjected to a high number of knifepoint robberies and Anti-social behaviour, Local Police responded (that) weekend and there will continue to be a heightened presence in the area (last) weekend.

To put out some basic facts, we have recorded 4 offences of teen on teen robbery in the Prestwich area in the last 4 weeks. One was where a pen-knife was seen, one where a weapon was intimated and two where force was used without weapons. Investigations continue into these offences with arrests likely to follow. I would urge anyone who is the victim of a crime to report it to the Police even if you feel Police may not be able to do something about it. Please be reassured that all of us at the meeting are taking this issue very seriously and will be working together in order to ensure the citizens of Prestwich and Greater Manchester are protected.”

More information in this Manchester Evening News article.

Reporting Back: Heaton Park

Councillor Mary D’Albert met with the team at Heaton Park, and with organisers of the Parklife weekend:

The Parklife concert took place on the 10/11th June this year. The crowd attending was 500 more than last year (approx 79,000)

Noise and traffic complaints from residents were up on last year. Noise level set to a maximum of 75(db) which is specified on the licence. This was not exceeded but wind direction and wind speed has an effect. Noise cannot be reduced by staff during concert even if they get complaints.

There were a number of issues with parking permits not being delivered in some areas due to problems with the contractor. In the end around 650 people picked there permits up from Maccabi on Friday evening or Saturday.

A number of issues raised by local residents with your councillors have been fed into Parklife for consideration before next years event.

The concert ran over by 16 minutes on Sunday evening (deliberately), this was due to an incident at Victoria train station (a fatality). All trams to Manchester were stopped. Approx 20,000 people use the tram to get home from the concert. People from the concert went to the tram station, they were then walked to Manchester by police and stewards.

There is a £44,000 for the community fund – this is split 50/50 between Prestwich and the areas of Manchester near to the Park. This money comes from a small fee being added to the ticket price. Information on how groups can obtain money from this fund will be circulated in the next few weeks, We will keep you posted.

Next year the concert will be on the 9/10th June 2018.

Tree Top Trek
This facility has now opened in Heaton Park; it is in the woodland between the St Margaret’s Road entrance and the main car park.

It is opened all year round. There is a ‘Zip Trek’ which is a 2/3 hour course and a ‘Mini Trek’ which is for children and families from 5. You can get all the information from The last booking is at 4pm, so all people should be out of the park by 7pm latest. There are discounts for local schools and groups.

The security for this facility is operated by G4, they operate all park security. The Police are aware of some recent issues in the evenings.

Timetable of events in Heaton Park

– Heaton Hall Tour (9 July)
– Feelgood Theatre Productions present A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream (20 July to 6 August)
– Come to the Beach (22 July to 3 September)
– Twisted Tale Dance and Photography Workshop in connection with Once Upon A Twisted Tale (24 July to 1 September)

Friendsfest (4 August – 13 August) (A festival based on the TV series ‘friends’….)
– Heaton Hall Tour (13 August)

– Heritage Open Days – Heaton Hall (9 September – 10 September)

Library Closure Decision ‘Called-in’ for Scrutiny

An extra meeting of the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee is taking place on 18 July 2017, to review the decision made by Bury Council’s Cabinet to close 10 libraries across the Borough. The meeting will review the decision can agree to make recommendations back to the Cabinet. Please do feed any issues and ideas that you want us to raise to the Lib Dem representative on Overview and Scrutiny, Cllr Steve Wright.

The papers for the meeting are here.

Community Fund established to promote community cohesion in Greater Manchester

A community fund has been created to support local communities affected by the attack at the Manchester Arena on 22nd May 2017. The fund will assist local groups and organisations to host events and manage initiatives to counter hate and emerging unrest, and should look to promote cohesion within communities.

Any events should be inclusive, with each aiming to bring together a broad mix of people from different backgrounds to learn more about their local communities. We would particularly like to see events that can bring communities together who do not normally meet on a regular basis to enjoy activities, food, music, etc together.

All events should be held under the ‘We Stand Together’ banner to promote a unified and consistent message of community cohesion and understanding.

General Criteria
· Organisations must deliver their project within the Greater Manchester area;
· The funding can be used to cover costs of venue hire, refreshments and activities that will bring communities of different backgrounds together to promote cohesion and understanding amongst its members;
· The maximum amount which can be applied for is £250 (larger amounts may be considered under special circumstances for larger events);
· Organisations may be asked to provide receipts of any items purchased with the grant awarded
· Organisations must undergo some due diligence procedures before funding will be awarded.

· Statutory organisations such as local authorities, hospitals, schools and colleges, unless they are supporting the application of, or applying on behalf of, another organisation or group of people;
· Commercial or profit seeking enterprises;
· Activities where the primary aim is to promote religious or political beliefs;
· Capital projects, such as building or construction work and organisation infrastructure costs;
· Medical research and equipment;
· Any salaries;
· Funding requests above £250.

The fund is open now and will remain open until further notice.

How to Apply
All application details are available on the High Sheriff’s Trust website: