Special Deal on Garden Composters

You might not know this, but this week is ‘Composting Awareness Week’, which aims to promote the benefits of composting food and garden waste in your own garden.

As part of the week, Recycling officers from the council will be on Bury Market on Wednesday 4 May, offering advice to help people get started with composting at home.

Residents can buy discounted compost converters from just £17.98 and buy a second converter from only £8.99 under a ‘buy one get one half price’ offer provided by the council in partnership with ‘Get Composting’.

To find out about the range of compost bins and accessories available, visit www.getcomposting.com or phone 0844 571 4444. The ‘buy one, get one half price’ offer is available on selected products and a one-off delivery charge of £5.99 applies.

Photo: getcomposting.com

Polling Day Information Holyrood Ward

Polling Day for the local elections is Thursday 5 May 2014.

Polling stations are open 7am – 10pm on Thursday.

You don’t need your polling card to vote.

If you need a lift to the polling station or any other information please call our Polling Day number which is 07976 831 686.

Polling stations are:

Baguley Crescent and Heywood Old Road areas
Mobile Unit Baguley Crescent

Lady Wilton Hall

Parrenthorn, St Margaret’s and Polefield areas
St Margaret’s Community Centre, St Margaret’s Road

Heaton Park area (Heaton, Hampden, Milton – etc – everything between Heywood Road and Bury Old Road)
Heaton Park Congregational Church (corner Heaton Street and Bailey Street)

Nursery, Langley, Glebelands, Chatsworth Road areas
Prestwich Arts College, Heys Road

Whitefield area (between Cuckoo Lane and the motorway)
Toodle Hill Children’s Centre, Cuckoo Lane

If you have a postal vote, that you have not yet returned, then this can be taken down to the polling station (any polling station in Bury) before 10.00pm on Thursday. You need to take a completed postal vote (ie fill the envelope in as if you were going to post it, and take the completed, sealed envelope to the polling station.

Prestwich Heys top League

Congratulations to our local football team, Prestwich Heys, for winning the Premier Division of the Manchester Football League. The victory was guaranteed after a win against Wythenshawe in the week, and the team celebrated following another win against AVRO at the weekend.

Coming top of the league means that Prestwich Heys can ‘move up’ to the Northern Counties League for next season. The reserves them also won their league and can progress up to the Manchester Premier Division.

More information on the club here.

Photo: Prestwich Heys.

Bailey Street Play Area

Just to let residents know that work has now started on the Bailey Street Play area (off Heaton Street).

The work is to partially replace worn out play equipment, and some work to improve the usability of the site which is a great facility for our area.

We asked residents for their views earlier in the year which have been taken into account by the Council’s officers who have planned the work.

Bury New Road – a Cycling U-Turn, but only one way

Bury Council have just announced a small but important U-Turn on the proposals for Bury New Road.

The proposals which had been agreed included provision for cycle lanes in both directions, but these were to be immediately inside of the new permanent parking bays.

Many people, including us and including cycling organisations told the Council right through the consultation and through the decision making process hat this was dangerous, as there is a real danger of serious accidents for cyclists being caused as the cycle lane is in the exact space that car doors will open from the parking bays. We even told the Council that the proposals were contradictory to Transport for Greater Manchester’s own design guidelines for cycle lanes – which specify that if you are going to do this there needs to be a 0.5m space between the parking bays and the cycle lanes.

Finally the Council has seen sense and revised the proposals for cycle lanes. However that is where the good news stops.

The final proposal is for cycling provision in one direction only (southbound). The cycle lane will still be on the inside of the parking bays, but with the 0.5m gap.

There will be no cycle lane going north, but to “to alert motorists to expect the presence of cyclists” there will be picture of a bike painted in the road……

It is good that the Council has FINALLY seen sense on the issue of the parking lane buffer zone. But for us this is a massive missed opportunity to create a really safe cycle provision, one which would encourage more people to cycle. Instead we have one cycle lane in the middle of the road still on the inside of parking bays and bus stops, and on the other side we have to do with occasional pictures of bikes. The A56 is not a quiet road, and we don’t believe this is the safe cycling provision that this road both needs and deserves.

The Bury New Road scheme has now got ridiculous. It is time to go back to the drawing board and listen to the people of Prestwich.

Junior Doctor’s Strike – Advice for Patients

NHS Junior Doctors are taking industrial action today and tomorrow (26-27 April 2016, 8am-5pm), including withdrawal of cover from A&E departments.

Essential care will be provided by senior staff. The NHS is asking us all to make sure that we help the NHS cope by choosing the right service and attending A&E only if it is essential.

The full advice form the NHS is here. A&E departments will still be open, and it is important the people do still attend A&E with serious and critical problems that are detailed in the advice.

St Margaret’s Bowling Club Open Day

St Margaret’s Bowling Club (Polefield Road, Prestwich) are holding an open day on Sunday 15 May from 1.00pm – 5.00pm

They are encouraging anyone who is interested to come along and try your hand at Crown Green Bowling at our friendly club. Everyone is welcome to this free event which will include:

– Free Tuition
– Free Refreshments
– Free Raffle…

More information email smbcfleet@yahoo.com

If you have a community event coming up don’t hesitate to let us know and we will be happy to circulate information. Please do give as much notice as possible to make sure is space in our emails!

Prestwich Clough Day: 22 May 2016

The 11th Prestwich Clough Day is on Sunday 22 May 2016, from 12pm – 5pm in St Mary’s Flower Park and outside The Church Inn, Church Lane.

The first event, in 2006, marked the centenary of a Mr Gardener purchasing the Clough, for the people of Prestwich. The event is free, and features activities, stalls, information on local and countryside groups and entertainment.

The Clough day is 100% dependent on the work of volunteers, on donations and sponsorship. More information and to find out how you can get involved at their website.

No Gypsum / Plasterboard products at the Tip

Greater Manchester Waste have announced a change to the waste permitted at service Changes at the Recycling Centres (tips). From Sunday 1st May, all Recycling Centres in Greater Manchester will no longer accept cement-bonded asbestos and plasterboard/gypsum products.

Alternative facilities will be provided at weighbridges.

According to GM Waste, this change in service is required to ensure that these types of waste are collected and managed properly. By allowing householders to dispose of these materials at weighbridges only, we can target any potential misuse from commercial and trade activity. When the service change takes effect on 1st May, residents can dispose of household cement-bonded asbestos or plasterboard/gypsum products at one of the facilities where there is a weighbridge (where the commercial/council delivery vehicles go) that accepts that material.

For further information on the changes; a list of the weighbridge facilities; the opening times and which material (cement-bonded asbestos and/or plasterboard/gypsum products) is accepted at each facility, visit http://www.recycleforgreatermanchester.com/recycle/recycling-centres

Summer opening times for the Tips are 8am-8pm every day.


Commemorating William Shakespeare

April 2016 commemorates 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare. To mark this, the Archive Department along with Bury Libraries have organised a number of events and activities. This includes a competition – open to people all ages – where the winner will receive a £30 book token.

The competition centres around a collection of props featured in five of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. These are in a display cabinet at Bury Library – but images of the items, competition questions, rules and entry forms will be distributed to other libraries in the Borough. In addition to the competition, they will be giving away commemorative postcards and bookmarks and encouraging you to borrow books, DVDs and audio material to help us discover (and re-discover) the fabulous world of William Shakespeare.


More information at the Centre for Cultural Collections ‘blog’ here.