Walk-In Centre Consultation – Last Chance

Just a reminder – the formal consultation on this process from the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in Bury ends on 31 October 2016.

If you haven’t already please do make your views known in their online consultation. The more people who say why we must keep the centres open, the better!

The link to the consultation is here.

We’ll obviously be sending in the petition with all the comments you have made as part of this consultation, so if you have not signed it please do here.

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Council Tax Support Scheme – Consulation on Changes

Local people are being asked for their views on proposed changes to Bury’s Council Tax Support Scheme.

Council Tax Support is a means tested benefit to help people on low incomes with their Council Tax. The scheme is part funded by the Government, and part funded by the council.

The proposed changes will see some residents who receive Council Tax Support contributing more to their Council Tax.

Proposal 1: everyone should have to pay something towards their Council Tax
We are proposing that from April 2017 all working age households, who receive Council Tax Support, will be expected to pay the first 20% of their Council Tax regardless of their income.

If a household currently in receipt of Council Tax Support already pays something towards their Council Tax, then the extra 20% will be added to this figure.

Proposal 2: stop awarding some allowances for families who have more than two children
Council Tax Support is worked out by comparing a household’s income to a financial needs allowance figure. Part of the needs allowance figure is based on the number of children in the household.

From April 2017 we are proposing to cap the needs allowance at two children for:
– households which currently contain two or more children and who have a third or subsequent child after 1 April 2017
any new claims for Council Tax Support made after 1 April 2017 from households with more than two children.
This proposal will not affect:
– households already claiming Council Tax Support, which contain more than two children, unless another child is born
multiple births after 1 April 2017 (and the household is not already at their maximum of two children)
adopted children
– wHere households merge
– households where the claimant or their partner is a pensioner
We are considering this proposal because similar changes will be made to Tax Credits and Universal Credit.

Under the current scheme an increase in a household’s Tax Credits, on the birth of a third child, is offset by the extra needs allowance in their Council Tax Support. After April 2017, if a household’s Tax Credits do not alter on the birth of a third child and we continue to award extra needs allowances, then their Council Tax Support entitlement would increase considerably.

The aim of this proposal is to ensure that people affected by the changes to Tax Credits and Universal Credit continue to receive a similar amount of Council Tax Support.

Have your say on the proposals
Please complete this form to let the Council know your views.

Details of the proposals, and how to take part in the survey, are available on the council’s website at http://ift.tt/2eqjYFi7

The closing date for this consultation will be Tuesday 15 November.

Paper copies of the consultation are available at council offices in Radcliffe, Bury and Prestwich.

Vote For …… the Creative Living Centre

Many residents may have noticed the local organisation the Creative Living Centre – a charity helping people with mental or emotional distress, has moved to new premises at 1A Rectory Lane – next door to Prestwich Metrolink. The move is a relocation from their former base at the top of the Prestwich Hospital site.

Screenshot 2016-10-25 08.31.19

Creative Living Centre are applying for much needed funds, but need us to vote for them. If you want to support CLC, please take a few minutes to vote for them – it would make such a difference.

Just click here and use all your 10 votes for Creative Living Centre.

Langley Allotments, Improved Facilities

Earlier in the year we were pleased to support the application of our largest local allotment society, the Langley Allotments for a great from the Council’s Community Fund to help develop their facilities.

The application was successful which has enabled the construction of ramped access to the existing club room which has a kitchen and seating. The ramp has now been built and allotment users were there last weekend for its first official use.

More information on the Langley Allotments from their website http://ift.tt/2eGsKeE.

Reporting Back: Heaton Park

We have a number of issues to report back on Heaton Park:

Heaton Park Branding and Signage
Residents will have noticed a new visual ‘brand’ for the park and things associated with it. New signs have been installed at main entrance, with internal signage to follow.
A bi-monthly leaflet on events in the park now available, with a visitors guide available form the public-facing buildings like the farm and cafes.

Play Area
The play area is being refurbished with lots new facilities with disabled children in mind. Work is nearly complete and it is hoped the new facility will be open in time for the OCtober half term.

Heaton Hall
Phase 3 of the works have now been complete, which in particular means that all windows along the main frontage are now place. This is the first time windows have been in the west wing of the Hall since the fire in 1983.
Funding has now been applied for ‘Phase 4’ of the works, which would be external works including painting brick works and orangery roof repair. Tours have gone well during the summer, and there are a number of theatre style events taking place this autumn in the Hall.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 09.14.47

Tree Top treck
The planning application for the – ‘Tree Top Trek’ to be constructed in the Dell, between the North Play and Bowls Facility. The plan is that the facility could be open for Spring 2017.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 09.06.44

More details of the planning application here.

Pay and Display Parking
A couple of years ago now Manchester Council consulted on year-round pay and display parking in the park. A lot of people objected (including your local Lib Dem Councillors). The formal Legal Notices were advertised between 5th and 25th September 2016 and Manchester City Council are currently considering objections.

Manchester Council have agreed to fund additional double yellow lines on both St Margaret’s Road, St Margaret’s Close and Sheepfoot Lane areas. More details are available here.

A concessionary scheme has been put in place for some of the regular groups and organisations that use the park regularly, this is:
1-10 season tickets £75
10-49 season tickets £50
over 50 season tickets £25

The permits are virtual permits, so where we have groups and businesses, they will be given a log and be able to swap and change registration numbers in live time.

Parklife Community Fund
Still awaiting final confirmation on how local community groups can bid for this. We will circulate details as soon as we have it. Heaton Park Officers and Parklife are meeting with Bury Council this week to discuss the process.

Hands off our Green Belt – Sign the Petition

The local Lib Dem team across Bury are campaigning to save our precious ‘Green Belt’ land from development.

60% of Busy is green belt land. This is under threat because Greater Manchester Councils are considering proposals to provide the land to build up to 225,000 new houses over the next 25 years.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 09.35.59

Across Bury, developers have already proposed 70 sites with over 12,000 new homes. Most of these sites propose building on the green belt land that surrounds our towns and communities. More details of the proposals here.

We support the need for new homes, but NOT on the green belt. Greater Manchester has significant amounts of ‘brown field’ sites that should be used first for new housing. We particularly support the need the right types of new homes, such as more affordable homes.

On 28 October 2016 Greater Manchester Council Leaders will meet to decide which land they propose should be built on. Proposals should be published the week before.

Please help us send a clear message to the Council Leaders that Green Belt land should NOT be built on.

Sign our online petition to say HANDS OFF OUR GREEN BELT.


Heywood Road Sink Hole – Diversions for 2-3 Weeks

Nearby residents and others will no doubt have noticed the closure of Heywood Road (between Heys Road and Bury Old Road).

A deep hole appeared in the middle of the carriageway near 186/188 Heywood Road, Prestwich overnight on Sunday night. Currently, the collapse of a United Utilities 300mm (1 ft) diameter foul sewer is suspected as the cause.

An emergency closure has been put in place and the diversion route will utilise Bury New Road and Bury Old Road via Scholes Lane. Bus companies and emergency services have been notified.

UU anticipate the closure will remain in place for 2-3 weeks in order for them to effect the necessary repairs.


Six Town Housing – 24 hour rent payments

From October 3rd 2016, it has been possible to pay rent to Six Town Housing using your phone’s keypad, following feedback from their tenant led Customer Review Group (CRG).

Six Town Housing’s automated telephone line is being updated after the CRG asked if it could be easier and quicker for tenants to access the services they need.

The CRG also provided feedback that some tenants do not realise when they call Six Town Housing that the following services are delivered by Bury Council; Housing Applications, Pest Control, Council Tax and Bin Collections. The automated phone line will be updated to make this clearer and offerring the ability for the caller to be directed straight through to the right Council department without hanging up.

When you call Six Town Housing, you will now be presented with 5 options, which you can access by selecting the relevant number on your phone’s key pad. Just listen out for the audio prompts when you call.

This includes paying rent using their automated payment line (please have your payment card and customer reference number ready).

Full details of the new service here.

Grants Available – I Will if You Will Community Fund

Grants are available for community groups to apply for in Bury from I Will if You Will.

I Will If You Will (IWIYW) is a female fitness movement, delivered by Bury Council with National Lottery funding from Sport England. The project aims to help women and girls in Bury to get more active, more often.

What is the I Will If You Will community fund?
The IWIYW community fund offers constituted community groups and voluntary organisations grants of up to £1,000 to support projects in Bury that encourage women and girls (aged 14+) to take part in sport or physical activity for at least 30 minutes per week.
How much can I apply for and what can be funded?
You can apply for anything from £100 to £1,000 to fund:
• training and qualifications
• equipment
• coaches or instructors (£22.50 maximum per session)
• venue hire
• publicity and marketing

More details here.

World Food Day 16 October 2016

We’re supporting World Food Day, this Sunday 16 October 2016, coordinated by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation.

At present, almost 800 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. That’s about one in nine people. About 21,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes, about one person every four seconds, most of whom are children.


Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too
Last year 193 countries pledged to end hunger in the next 15 years. The global goal for achieving Zero Hunger is 2030.

One of the biggest issues related to climate change is food security. The world’s poorest – many of whom are farmers, fishers and pastoralists – are being hit hardest by higher temperatures and an increasing frequency in weather-related disasters.

At the same time, the global population is growing steadily and is expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050. To meet such a heavy demand, agriculture and food systems will need to adapt to the adverse effects of climate change and become more resilient, productive and sustainable. This is the only way that we can ensure the wellbeing of ecosystems and rural populations and reduce emissions.

Growing food in a sustainable way means adopting practices that produce more with less in the same area of land and use natural resources wisely. It also means reducing food losses before the final product or retail stage through a number of initiatives including better harvesting, storage, packing, transport, infrastructure, market mechanisms, as well as institutional and legal frameworks.

This is why the global message for World Food Day 2016 is “Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.”

More information and what we can do

This brochure has more information about the campaign.
This page has information that can be downloaded about tackling world hunger, including activity books for children.

Everyone has a role to play in mitigating the effects of climate change. Countries need to invest in sustainably increase food production, but there are also a number of actions that we can take to help. Find out more ideas here.

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